Cooking Dinners for all the Family with Ragu Sauces

Today I wanted to share with you my Lasagne recipe.  I love my food and really enjoy cooking so when Ragu sent me a lovely Hamper of their sauce, pasta and two lovely dishes to cook and serve with I couldn't wait to make my Lasagne dish!  We don't actually eat pork in our household so the other two dishes which contain bacon I have given to my Sister to try and and will share the results soon!

So firstly, here are all my yummy ingredients I used for my dish:

Lamb Mince Meat (halal)
One Red Onion
One Yellow Pepper
Tomato & Tinned Tomatoes
Pasta Sheets
And the all important sauces, Red Lasagne & the White Cheese sauce.

So firstly I chopped my pepper, onion, mushrooms (I used about 5 mushrooms) put them in the pan to cook a little.

I then added in my meat and cooked this until lightly brown, I also added in a little garlic to give it that extra flavour.

I then added my Red Lasagne sauce and let it simmer with the mince for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, I added all my ingredients to the lovely dish (from M&S) I was sent with my Hamper.

I pre heated my oven to 200 and let the dish cook for 45 minutes & this is my result!  Its slightly crispy round the sides but I love the cheese crispy!!

I served the Lasagne with a little side salad and it tasted delicious.  The sauces are really tasty and I shall be using them again for my next Lasagne dish!

This is such a great for all the family, and nice to have the next day for luch or dinner if you have some left over!!

Ragu sauces can be found in all leading supermarkets.

*I was sent the Ragu hamper in exchange for an honest review

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  1. I love a good lasagne, great recipe, I like to add chorizo in mine :) x

  2. This is exactly how I make my lasagne! It's amazing everytime, even if I do say so myself! (Nothing to do with the sauces at all ;) ) xxx

  3. The lasagne looks delicious! I really want to give this a go myself, will have a looksie when I'm next in Tesco's! X

  4. I love lasagna, but I am never a sauce in a bottle person./ I worry about what is in them

  5. I love making something that is big enough for leftovers the next day!

  6. Ooooo its made me hungry now. xxx

  7. We do love a lasagne - in an ideal world I make the sauces from scratch, but I never see the harm in buying a couple of jars of ready-made sauces! Want lasagne now! xx

  8. oooh love my ragu hamper in a basket i received, i now have 3 different sizes been sent to me and have them as storage stacking boxes x

  9. haven't made a lasagne for ages, looks yummy x

  10. I love making lasagne and love this recipe :) Thanks for sharing x

  11. That looks so yummy, love Lasagne. Thanks for sharing the recipe x

  12. This looks yummy, love lasagne. Thanks for sharing x

  13. Lasagne is such a winner, it always goes down well here.

  14. I love lasagne this one looks lovely x

  15. We makes ours with Quorn but I love lasagne, lovely comforting food. Yum!

  16. Lasagne is the best meal ever! I make mine with veggie mince - yum! Your picture has made me very hungry :)

  17. I love Lasagne and it has to be served with garlic slices and some salad

  18. I love using the Ragu sauces. They are always good quality and are not that expensive to buy. Lasagne is always best served with garlic bread and salad.

  19. We haven't had lasagne in ages and now I've seen your pictures I think we're going to have to have it for dinner!

  20. You've inspired me. I have never ever attempted to make lasagne from scratch but you've tempted me. You've also made me hungry.
    Liska x

  21. I love lasagne and I'm a fan of jars for when I can't be bothered too cook lol

    I do like the Ragu sauces too x x

  22. Ooooo, this looks yum!
    I've never tried Ragu - I bet it was Lush!
    I bet if I tried it i'd be in trouble because I'd be hooked HAHAHA

    Thanks for sharing hun!
    Lotte xo
    Berice Baby – London Lifestyle & Kids Fashion Blog

  23. I've never tried Ragu sauces before, but your lasagna looks very good! :)



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