Sophia's 8 Month Update

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I can't quite believe how quick 8 months have gone (and only 4 months away from turning 1) 

I am loving seeing the changes in her, she is so fully of character and such a happy little baby.  Last week she caught chicken pox from her big Sister! But has still be in full spirits, well apart from 2 grumpy days of having it but its clearing up nicely now so we're happy.

So now my baby is 8 months here are some of the new things she has been doing along the way.

She is sitting up by herself.
She can say Mumma, Dadda, Nanna
She tries to call our Cat by doing kissing noises at it (copying Mummy)
She loves waving at people
She's not crawling yet, but has lots of tummy time and has started to shift backwards!!! So I'm sure it won't be long
She LOVES the sound of the TV when were flicking through to change channels, she thinks its great and does a happy scream at the TV
Her favourite breakfast is Marmite on toast or scrambled egg
She's not fussy at all with her foods and loves her finger foods (esp her veg!)

And she thinks everything her big Sister does is great!! I love watching them together. Abigail is great with her, and always lets me know when she's had enough of playing with her little Sister!

Everyday she is changing, I remember Abi doing quite a few of these things at an earlier age, she was crawling just after 6 months and also sitting up on her own at 6 months too. Every baby is so different and develop at different stages.

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