Money Saving Tips For Parents

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Being a parent comes at a price, we all have to work and sometimes we do struggle with life.  The best thing to do is to try to save money.  Now I know this is hard when you have a family to feed and bills to pay. 
Here are some tips for you Mum's and Dad about saving money:

1.  Make a shopping list for the week - Planning meals for the week is a sure way of saving you a little bit of money, if you make a list of what meals you will be having every day and the things you do really need to buy.  Its easily done to go shopping and go off track and start buying foods and drink that you didn't intent to buy, or seeing special offers they are always tempting.  By making a list and having the power to stick to it and then compare it to previous shops then I guarantee that you will save yourself some money.

2.  Unwanted Items - Do you have clothes, toys, or other household goods you never use or no longer want, rather than throwing them away why not set up an Ebay account and sell the goods online or in a local paper.

3.  Days out with the children - If you live in London there are lots of free Museums you can take your children too, make a packed lunch or take a picnic.  

4.  Travel - If like me you don't have a car and are always getting on buses then walk instead, even when it is cold, you can still wrap up warm.  Buses and trains are so expensive, why get the bus only a few stops or to a distance where you know you are quite capable of walking to.  Buses cost £2.40 each way.  Or if you do travel a lot then buy yourself an Oyster card this will reduce the price of paying the fare.

5.  Try to save money on your home bills - Do you really need a Sky box? These kinds of packages can be so expensive just question yourself as to how many of the channels you do actually watch! You can get all the digital channels for free now and there's nothing wrong with watching a film on DVD rather than having the latest movie channel to watch it on.  Try to reduce your heating costs, there is nothing worse than having a cold home during the Winter months, that's why Hive have launched a new helpful invention where you can control your heating and hot water at the touch of a button where ever you are whenever you like!  This will save families so much money on a weekly basis.  There will be no need to leave the heating on all day, you can control everything from your smartphone or browser and alerts will even be sent to your phone if the temperatures reach a certain level.  This is such a smart and effective way of saving money and heating your home whilst your on the go.

What would be your top money saving tip?
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  1. Meal planning definitely saves us loads. Also whenever our contracts for anything - insurance, energy, anything! - runs out I always shop about for a cheaper deal and then use a cashback site xx

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