Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review - The Roast Restaurant, Borough Market

When I was asked to review the Roast Resturant in London's Borough Market I was quite excited as I have heard so many great comments about the restaurant and its deliciously British food.  My Dad in particular is a big fan of the Roast and used to eat there on a regular basis so I knew I would be getting a high quality meal and service.

The Roast is located in the heart of London's Borough Market, it is spaciously set over two levels and seats 120 people with views of their busy kitchen, St Paul's, Borough Market Below and the Shard. Alongside the dining room is the bar.  The Roast is popular for its breakfasts, lunches and dinners and uses the finest fresh meat and produce.

I attended the Roast with Abigail, Sophia and my Mum's husband which was a real treat for him.  We were greeted when we walked to the front of house, where our coats were hung for us and there was a separate part for Sophia's pushchair which was great, there is nothing worse than a restaurant full of pushchair's.

We were taken to our table which had a fab view of the market below which was buzzing, we went on a Saturday so was one of their peak days.  

Our main waiter was lovely, he made sure we had drinks when we were seated.  The girls had an apple juice and Brian and I were given a complimentary glass of bubbly which was a lovely treat.

The menu was just amazing. 

For starters I had Pan Fried Braddock White Duck Egg with Bath Pig Chorizo & baby Squid.  Brian had Scotch Burford Brown Egg with haggis and piccalilli, I ordered the girls food to come with our starters as I knew they would probably take longer to eat!

The starters were absolutely amazing, the mix of Duck Dgg with the Shorizo & Squid tasted divine, Brian loved his too.

Then came the main, we both had the Beef Wellington with Roasties and gravy then ordered our sides of Carrots, Mash, and Broccoli.  Abigail & Sophia had from the children's menu omelette, chips and salad, I have to say the Children's menu is fab there is such a great selection of lovely simple food which any child would love (and during half term times children eat free!)

Main courses were amazing, the Beef Wellington was cooked to perfection along with the rest of the sides.  The girls really enjoyed theirs although I think one children's portion was slightly too much for Sophia, but she still enjoyed what she could eat.

Then came the delicious desserts, the girls both had bananas and custard, again another great choice from the menu.  Brian had Bramley Apple & Blackberry Crumble, I had the Chocolate Mousse cake with Caramelised Orange and Clotted cream.  I was feeling pretty stuffed after the main course but I couldn't not have dessert which again tasted fantastic.

The service we had at the Roast was great, our waiter was very attentive, and swiftly sorted Abigail's little accident when she knocked over her drink, he immediately changed her chair and cleared up the mess so she wasn't left standing around.  Service was prompt and we were never left waiting too little or too long for our food.

The Menu was great and had a wide selection of delicious foods for everyone, I was really impressed with the Children's menu.

Overall we had such a fabulous time at the Roast and I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Borough Market to pop into the Roast for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You can view the menu online here.

*I attended the Roast in exchange for an honest review  

Monday, 24 November 2014

Gift Guide For Him

1/Braun Series 3 Shaver 2/Braun Series 7 Shaver 3/ Wilkinson Hydro 5 Groomer 4/ Wilkinson Hydro 5 Wash Bag Set

The perfect gift for any man.  You can't go wrong with a shaving gift set, here are the 4 of the best for this Christmas.

1.  Braun Series 3 - Delivers high performance cutting for long or short hairs in one stroke whilst minimising skin irritation.  Perfect for any men who don't shave over the weekends and find that Monday morning stubble a challenge.  Can be used for wet or dry shave which is great.  £139.99 Available at Boots.

2.  Braun Series 7 - One of Braun's most advanced shavers.  Ideal for any man who demands perfection.  Sonic technology system that manages the power of the shaving system as it reads your face and automatically adjusts the density of your stubble.  £249.99  Available from Boots.

3.  Wilkinson Hydro 5 Groomer - One of my partners favourites, which he uses on a regular basis is great as it trims those stubborn hairs and leaves a smooth finish.  Great if you need a quick shape up.  £14.99 

4.  Wilkinson Hydro 5 Wash Bag Set - Once again another great product from Wilkinson, includes razor, hydro sensitive shave gel and hydro sensitive after shave balm which is great for leaving your face hydrated especially over the festive party season.  Great gift for Dads! 

*PR samples

Monday, 17 November 2014

Vidal Sassoon Infa Radiance Diffuser Hair Dryer - Review

I was recently given the chance to review the new Vidal Sassoon Infa Radiance Diffuser Hair Dryer, I wash my hair every couple of days and always like to blow dry it, and then usually go through it with the straighteners to smooth it out.

I love this dryer, it has to be the best I have used. With my old hair dryer I felt like I was sitting there for ages trying to style my hair but with the Infa Radiance its so powerful that my hair is dry within minutes and the best thing is I don't have to use the straighteners which is great and saves my hair a lot of damage!  My hair feels really smooth and has made such a massive difference using a powerful dryer.  The Infa Radiance also helps prevents hot spots with it delivering heat more evenly.  The diffuser attachment is perfect for Abigail's hair which is really curly, so is great to keep her girls smooth.

The hair dryer is available at Boots for £49.99, well worth the price tag.  

  • 2000W DC Dryer - lightweight and high performance design
  • Tourmaline Ceramic - conditioning irons for reduced frizz
  • 2 speed/heat settings - giving maximum versatility and control
  • Cold shot - set your style and increases shine
  • Professional Rocker Switches
  • Concentrator & Diffuser - perfect curls, volume or smooth
  • 2.5m Cable for freedom when drying
  • 2 year Guarantee
*I was sent the hair dryer in exchange for an honest review

Sunday, 16 November 2014

How we Tackled Bedtime with Abigail!

Since having Sophia I have found it a bit more difficult putting Abigail to bed.  Our routine is to put Abi to bed first and then Sophia, it works out easier for me as Sophia takes slightly longer to go down.  Abi wouldn't let Feroz put her to bed she always wants Mummy so I always ended up doing bedtimes on my own which I found really stressful as she would sometimes scream and cry that she didn't want to go to bed or most nights get up when I was trying to put Sophia down, she would use every excuse like, 'Mummy I'm too hot', 'my head hurts', I need a drink my lips are dry', 'I want you to sing me to sleep as I can't close my eyes' and the list goes on!! She would get up at least 3 or 4 times and in the end it was making bedtime really stressful as Sophia was too distracted and wouldn't end up going to sleep until a bit later then I found myself having no evening at all.  I had a good routine with Abi, bath, teeth, story, chat then bed so I know she was just getting up for attention.

So it came to the point where I told Feroz that he had to help me at night as I was getting really stressed with it all, he suggest buying her a bedtime chart (and we worked around what he could do to help me out with the girls at bedtime), we found one in our local 99p store and its great, it has basically the same routine we were using but of course Abi would be rewarded with stickers if she managed to achieve each task every night.  I have to say that the bedtime chart is great and she no longer gets up making up silly excuses, she will only get up if she needs to go to the toilet. Just a simple thing like using the chart and being positive has worked out so well with us, it has also helped with her coming off of her Dry Nights, after Sophia was born Abi went back into wetting the bed and to be honest I didn't think I would ever get her out of them but again using the chart and encouraging positive comments has really helped her, she has the odd accident but that can be expected.  Feroz has taken more of a role in bedtime as he should have done anyway, not everything can be left to us Mums! But working together as a team and using the chart has made a great difference.  We also brought a spare for Sophia as she loves to copy everything her big Sister does too!!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Child's First Pet

We already have a Cat at home, but Abigail has always wanted a Dog, something I would not want in my home.  I wouldn't have the time for a Dog and I know it would just be a novelty to the girls and probably ware off after a while.

The most simple pet of all for your child is to have their very own little *aquarium, with fishes you don't have to clean their tanks every day, its quick and easy to feed them.  They are also fairly cheap to keep and as long as you keep them well looked after then they would last a while.

Abigail recently had her first fish tank and absolutely loved it, she named all her fish and loved feeding them every day, unfortunately the filter was too strong and killed all 5 fish which was such a shame.  So make sure when purchasing your first tank and fish that you ready carefully which tank is compatible with the fish, and read up properly on the tanks.

What was your or your child's first pet?

Debenhams Christmas Flowers

If you are stuck for gift ideas this Christmas for a loved one then why not order them a beautiful bouquet of Christmas Flowers, I have brought people flowers before for birthdays and other celebrations but never for Christmas.

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to choose a bouquet of flowers from Debenhams, I went for the Designer Velvet Rose flowers £49.99, they included deep water roses, scented oriental lilies, grandprix roses with berries and silver birch.  They smell beautiful and certainly bring that festive feeling into my living room.  The red roses are gorgeous and I love the added silver birch.

These would make a beautiful present for your Mum/Dad, Nan or any loved ones or friends who love flowers.  I'm sure they would love a pretty Flower Delivery.

I always at Christmas time buy festive flowers but I have never had any as beautiful as this.

Debenhams are kindly offering my readers a Discount Code which entitles you to 40% off a bouquet. The only bouquets exempt from the discount is the 'Flowers by Post' range.

* I was sent the sample of flowers in exchange for an honest review

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I Took Part in the Daily Mail Vs Victoria Secret Ad

If you follow me on social media or have been reading my blog then you will know that last week I took part in a shoot for the Daily Mail, showing 10 normal ladies (not models!) posing in our undies! Trying to get the point out there that you don't have to be a size 0 to be perfect.  After all no one is perfect.  We are all beautiful in our own ways and all come in different shapes and sizes not just one slim size.

As much as the Victoria Secret models are very beautiful, they are all one size, what's wrong with them putting an ad out with women ranging in sizes?

I was really excited seeing the published article, and slightly nervous about reading the comments. some of which were really quite nasty, saying we are overweight but you always get people hiding behind the computer writing horrible things.  They didn't bother me too much as I felt confident in myself enough to do the shoot, I am a size 14 I would like to drop a dress size, but that is up to me to change my lifestyle and do something about it.  I'm not ashamed of my body and feel proud that I had the guts to take part.

The article has got a lot of people talking and am hoping it does help women out there feel confident and happy with themselves because don't forget, no one is perfect!