Homemade Vegetable & Mushroom Soup

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If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen lots of foodie posts from me recently.  The past few months I have been feeling really unhealthy and bloated, and also my diet has been terrible, full of junk food and just not eating the right things.  So at the weekend I thought it was time to cut the crap and change my diet.  I have cut out carbs all together and feel absolutely great for it.

I will be writing up another post for you all to see what I've been eating this week, and will make it a regular thing as I am really enjoying eating lots of veg, salad and fish and not feeling bloated on bread, crisps etc.

This week I have been making my own soups for lunch, they are so simple and easy to make (& cheap)

Here's my recipe for my homemade Vegetable & Mushroom soup.  This is one of my favourites.

Ingredients I used for my soup:

x4 Carrots
x1 Broccoli
x1 Small Onion
x4 Mushrooms
x1 Chicken Stock Cube

I sliced the carrots, broccoli and onion, I used half my cabbage added this all to a pan of boiling water.  I then added the chicken stock cube and simmered everything for 1 hour, I didn't add any salt, just a pinch of pepper.  I added my mushrooms half way through.

After cooking for 1 hour, I blended everything and finished up with this delicious result.

You can add as much veg as you like.  The batch I made will last me for the next few days.  Next week I will be making chicken soup so look out for my simple recipe the same time next week!

Enjoy x

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New Year, New Bathroom

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Its that time of year again when people start rethinking about changes they would like to make, whether it be within themselves or their home.  I wanted to share with you a few ideas I have put together for those of you who are looking to decorate your bathroom, maybe change it completely or add a few finishing touches.

Follow emily's board Dream Baths on Pinterest.

Follow emily's board Bathroom Suites on Pinterest.

Follow emily's board bathroom ideas on Pinterest.

I have Pinned some of my favourite bathroom furniture ideas.  I would love to touch up my bathroom, one thing we are missing is a bath, as nice as it is to have a shower everyday some evenings I would just love to relax in a nice hot bath.  I have shared three of my favourite bath styles, my particular favourite would be the corner bath, there's just something about it that looks so relaxing and a great size too.

The ideas I have put together are all quite simple, my favourite has to be the Bathroom Ideas photos, the furniture has a touch of Vintage about it, yet still looks so simple and stylish.

We currently have a lovely Chrome towel rail in our bathroom and I would highly recommend one to anyone who wants to replace their standard radiator with one of these.

Are you planning on changing your bathroom this year?

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Abigail's Frozen Experience at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Harrods

Warning: Post contains LOTS of Princess photos!!

I don't know one little girl who doesn't love Frozen! 2014 saw Elsa, Ana and the famous 'Let it go' sound track take over the Disney world! 

Abigail (& even Sophia) is a massive Frozen fan, I can't tell you how many times I have seen the film or listened and sung along to the songs!

So, Abigail was invited along to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at the famous Harrods to be transformed into the Snow Queen Elsa herself.  I cannot tell you how excited Abigail was, it truly is every little girls dream come true.

We arrived at the Boutique and were greeted by one of the lovely fairy godmothers-in-training who gave Abigail a special necklace to wear which would alert her as to when her fairy godmother-in-training was ready for her (they are a busy bunch, trying to keep up with all their chores in the Princess Land!)  So whilst we were waiting we had a look round the Disney Store in Harrods, and of course admired all of the Frozen merchandise! Feroz and Sophia came along to the special experience too, Sophia was overwhelmed in the Disney store, its a dream for children!

So when it was Abigail's turn to see her fairy godmother-in-training her little beeper went off and we headed to the Boutique and Abigail began her journey to enter the castle!  She was greeted by her very lovely and quite funny fairy godmother-in-training who took her to the magical mirror to say a few magic passwords, and of course to get permission from the Godmother herself to enter the magical room where her transformation would be taking place.  We also joined in to say a few magic words to help Abigail get through the magical door.

When Abigail went through those doors, we were taken into a gorgeous, and very Royal boutique full of beautiful decorations, beauty bases for each little Princess, and magical changing rooms, and not forgetting the lovely fairy godmothers-in-training which were on hand to help transform Abigail.

No transformation is complete without the complete outfit, Abigail stood with her fairy godmother-in-training and said a magic password which gained her access to her beautiful changing room, in which was waiting THE dress! Hanging there was the sparkly, beautiful Elsa dress, along with a lovely pair of silver sparkly shoes.  The look on Abigail's face was amazing, she couldn't stop smiling, I actually felt quite emotional watching her face as the door opened.  She changed into her dress and shoes and was then taken over to her little beauty base in which the rest of her transformation would be taking place.

The fairy godmothers-in-training made Abigail feel very welcome and spoke to her throughout her whole experience, singing her very out of tune Disney songs, telling her silly stories and asking her about her favourite things, it was great they had us laughing a lot!

Her fairy godmother-in-training transformed her hair into a beautiful Princess bun, along with a lovely silver tiara.  She then had some lovely face paint in the theme of Frozen which looked beautiful.  Abigail looked so beautiful once her hair and make up had been done, she was amazed by the whole experience.  There was a fairy godmother-in-training on hand to take photo's and we were also allowed to take lots of our own which was great.  The whole experience took about an hour.

When Abigail's make over had finished, we were lead outside the castle, Abigail stopped off for a few photo's in the Royal chair which were lovely and was treated at the end of the experience to two bags full of Frozen goodies.  And a lovely pink sash which really finished off her beautiful outfit.

She received a big soft Olaf which was lovely, an Elsa & Ana Doll, a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique make up bag full of goodies and a beautiful big photo of herself in the Royal chair.

Upon exit the fairy godmothers-in-training greeted up to the front of the Boutique and shop floor as the Royal Family with Princess Elsa! I could see Abigail blush on exit! But it was the perfect exit for her to such a magical transformation.

The whole experience was truly magical, Abigail looked and was treated like a real life Snow Queen!

We walking out of Harrods with lots of stares, and lovely comments about our beautiful Elsa!

The Boutique offer a range of Disney transformations all of which can be found on their website, along with prices.

Abigail's Snow Queen Experience is £300.  

Thank you so much to Harrods and the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for inviting Abigail for such a magical experience.

*Abigail was invited to the Boutique for the Snow Queen Elsa experience in exchange for an honest review.

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Happy New Year - Here's my round up of 2014 & my 2015 goals

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Firstly, Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Years eve? 

It feels like I haven't posted on my blog for a long time!  I think sometimes a break is needed to refresh the mind and set up a new plan of action and goals for 2015 which is what I have been doing.  Plus I have loved not being on the laptop every night and really enjoying time with my family, I think social media can take over life a little sometimes, a break was well needed.

So I say goodbye to 2014, well what a year that was.  There were good times and also many low times in my personal life which I do not wish to share on here, but lets say it got in the way of the running of my blog & I didn't put in as much as I would have liked it but that's life, things get in the way and my personal life and family is very important.

So what were my best bits of 2014?

Firstly, Sophia turned 1! That was such a great day, she has progressed so much and is turning out to be quite a little character just like her big Sister!

Abigail started Year 1 at school and is all of a sudden super grown up.  She will be turning 6 in a few months, I can't quite believe how fast she is growing up.  She is growing into such a smart, beautiful little lady.

Brit Mums 2014, I attended my first big blogging conference, I have mixed feelings about it but was super chuffed to meet some amazing bloggers whom I have become very close to.  2014 brought me a few lovely new close friends through blogging.

I am glad to see the back of 2014 as I did have quite a few low points, some of which I am still dealing with now but am looking at 2015 to improve quite a few things both within myself & my blog.

I am going to put more into blogging, I have done quite a lot of review posts which is fab but I really want to add a more personal touch to it, about my family, my girls, what we get up to, more photos.  Updates on life,  I know people love reading that sort of thing and I really want to keep a diary of what's happening in life so I'm really excited to start planning some more personal posts instead of reviews for every post.  Also, maybe a few Youtube video's, I still have to workout how to record on my camera once that is sorted I will be doing a few video posts to go with reviews or just general chit chat!

Change my lifestyle, 2014 I put on weight and to be honest its not a good thing, as I feel unhealthy, I want to change the way I eat, be more active and clear my mind.  So you WILL be seeing lots of lifestyle posts, whether it be exercises, and might I add these will all be home exercises and I really don't have time for the gym! Recipes, more outdoor posts.  I'm not going to say I'm dieting but changing my lifestyle to make me look and feel happier.  I have gone up a dress size and I don't feel comfortable in myself anymore so its down to me to change that.  

So let the journey commence and hopefully 2015 will be a better and more healthier year!!
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Could a dehumidifier be the one home appliance you DO actually need?

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Have you been longing for the moment you unwrap that must-have dehumidifier? Probably not, but the truth is, this commonly underrated appliance can offer you more than you might think, with improved health for you and your family at the top of the list. 

Most of us have our hearts set on a shiny new appliance or two, from pasta makers and bread bakers to the latest tech for the digitally connected home. But how many of these wish list wonders are destined to end up on a dusty shelf, forgotten until the next big clear out? Probably more than we’d like to admit. 

There's one unassuming gizmo all of us should be shopping for however: a decent dehumidifier for the home. 

These modern marvels have a list of valuable benefits that makes them a really smart buy. As you'll see, it's hard to think of any other piece of kit that offers so many benefits, from preventing illnesses to reducing the burden of allergies and asthma and keeping your home sparkling clean, not to mention valuable. 

The air around us is always humid, with climate, steamy bathrooms and the air we breathe all playing their part. Trouble is, humidity in a closed space can quickly lead to problems. Let’s take allergies and asthma, something many mums are concerned about. 

Mould and its cousin mildew are the main causes of humidity-related allergies. These fungal troublemakers tend to thrive in moist places, from damp bathroom rugs to the kitchen sink. Mould alone can cause all kinds of problems, with reactions like stuffy nose and wheezing, eye redness and skin irritation all caused by the tiny spores that thrive in moist homes. 

Dust mites love humidity too, whether in sheets, rugs and curtains or the air. These little critters are well known triggers for allergies and asthma in adults and children. The best way to keep them out is keep home humidity under control. And that means investing in an effective dehumidifier

Allergies aren’t the only issue caused by humidity. Bacteria and viruses love a damp place to call home, so keeping your environment healthy means keeping it dry. Studies show that a relative humidity between 40% and 70% restricts infections caused by bugs and viral pathogens. Cockroaches and other insects become less of a problem when humidity is under control. 

The truth is, humans don't thrive in a damp home. So next time you're in the gadget aisle, pick up a dehumidifier and hang colds, allergies and bugs out to dry.

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Top Place I would most like to visit in the UK & Competition to Win a 2 night stay at the Travelodge

If there was anywhere in the UK I could visit right now and have a short break away then it would be in the very beautiful Lake District.  I have never been there before, but have seen lots of beautiful photo's and it looks like such a peaceful, relaxing place to be.  Somewhere where I would like to go without the girls, just to chill and enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

The Lake District is famous for its lakes, forests and mountains.  Who wouldn't want to visit a place like that!

It looks so beautiful and refreshing.  I would most like to visit in the Summer time, when the skies are clear and the sun is shining.

I have teamed up with the lovely people at Travelodge to give ONE person (the stay is for two people)the chance to win a two night stay anywhere in the UK.  Maybe you are planning a weekend away in the New Year, or would like to visit your favourite City in the UK.

To enter simply enter via the Rafflecoptor below.

Competition closes on Thursday 18th December 2014.

Open to UK residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Win competitions at ThePrizeFinder.com - See more at: http://www.theprizefinder.com/content/2-night-stay-any-uk-travelodge#sthash.7uRhbH9z.dpuf
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Jewellery Gifts for Her

If you are looking for gifts for her this Christmas then I have these two gorgeous pieces of Jewellery that would make the perfect gifts for any lady.

Bronzo Italia Horizontal Cross Leather Bracelet - £28.42

This bracelet is lovely, and would be a great match for pretty much any outfit! You could use it to dress up or down.  I think the bronze cross is so funky and the leather strap gives it a bit of a rock chick feel! Its quite a dainty bracelet which I love, so if you are not one for chunky bracelets then this would be ideal.  Perfect gift this Christmas.

Julien Macdonald Catwalk Collection Drop Earrings - £27.50

These would look great on Christmas day, so would be a perfect present for any lady who loves a bit of sparkle in their lives.  I love the cute black bag that come in, which is also then pit into a small black gift box.  My Mum would love these! They would add that extra bit of sparkle this Christmas.

Both gifts available online from QVC.


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