Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Win £150 Wayfair Gift Card

I have teamed up with Wayfair to give one of my readers the chance to win £150 to spend on their online store.

Wayfair stock a wide range of products for the home. If you haven't already seen their website then do head over and have a browse.

To enter the competition all you have to do is enter via the Rafflecoptor below.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Fisher-Price First Birthday Campaign

Last month Sophia had her first birthday.  Her first year has flown by, she has developed into such a little character.  Just a few weeks before her birthday she started walking, she has developed so much with her speech and is quite a cheeky little girl.  She loves to copy everything Abigail does, which is cute but I can see her picking up bits from Abigail's little tantrums!

Seeing as Sophia was turning 1 we were asked to join Fisher-Price in their 1st Birthday Campaign. 

On their website they have created a microsite where you can find everything you need to plan your little ones first birthday, including a checklist, handy hints and tips, downloadable party planning essentials such as invitations, gift bags, banners and thank you notes.  

We didn't get to throw Sophia a party for her first birthday, we just spent the day as a family at our local soft play center.

Sophia was also sent the Little People Birthday Play Set which she absolutely loves and is the perfect gift for a child's first birthday.  Abigail has also taken a big shine to it too so they love playing with it together.

The Play Set includes;
A table, three chairs, two balloons, gift wrapped present, two connectable fence pieces with spinning pinita and cupcake tower and the two little people figures, Eddie & Mia.

You can find more of the Little People products over on the Fisher-Price website (along with all their other great products)

Sophia was also gifted from Fisher-Price for her birthday with the Love to Play Puppy which she absolutely adores, and is one of her favorite toys! I shall be writing a separate post on the Puppy so make sure you come back to check it out! 

How did you celebrate your little ones birthday? What is your favorite Fisher-Price product?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Baby Soothing Tips

Thought I would put together a few tips for anyone who may want to find new ways to soothe their baby. These may come in handy if you are a Mum to be, first time parent or just need a few new tips.

The first time hearing your baby cry can be a pretty strange feeling, some parents (especially new) might panic, others may be calm.  I know that when I had my first daughter as a new parent I felt a slight panic.  Babies cry for a reason, if they are tired, need a cuddle, need changing have trapped wind or are hungry.  You will soon learn to know your baby’s cry.

Its always handy to find ways to soothe your baby to help them relax, whether it be before bed, before a nap or just to calm them down if they are feeling distressed.

Here are a few of my tried and tested soothing tips for you to try.  You may find not all of these methods will work for your baby.

-       - A luke warm bath followed by a soothing baby massage - I have found massaging before bedtime has helped my daughter sleep through, especially using a drop of lavender oil in the bath it’s a great way to relax your baby (and can be used on us adults too!) 

-      -  Rock your baby to sleep - Babies like the motion feeling, you could use a gentle rocking technique by placing baby in your arms moving back and forwards using a gentle motion.  Babies are used to movement especially being inside you for 9 months!

  - Singing a lullaby or humming - Babies love to hear the sound of your voice, gently singing a lullaby or humming along to a lullaby can help your baby drift off.  (Twinkle Twinkle has been a great hit with both of mine!)

-       - Swaddling – Wrapping your baby up in a thin lightweight blanket with their arms placed across their chest has a calming effect and may help your baby sleep longer.  You can also buy swaddle blankets which you can find online.

-        - Cloud B Sheep – I have one and have used this since my youngest was a couple of months old, the sheep has various different sounds.  My daughter’s favourite is the sound of the heartbeat I still find this a great soother for her when she wakes up in the night or just before bedtime I always use the Cloud B Sheep.  (They can be found online)

-       - Skin on Skin contact – This is great feeling for your baby to feel close to you and a great way for Dads to bond with their babies, feeling the warmth of your naked skin on your baby has a very soothing effect and especially for Mums who breastfeed their baby.

-        -  Getting rid of gas – There is nothing more uncomfortable for your baby than having trapped wind.  A great couple of soothers for this can be to lay your baby down across your knee and gently rub their back.  Lay your baby on their back and gently make cycle movements with their legs.

-        -  Going for a walk in the fresh air – From experience taking my daughters for walks when they were babies in their prams was always a great soother, the feeling of the fresh air always worked especially if they were finding it hard to settle in the day time.

-       -  Going for a drive – Another great trick that will help again with the motion of the car will be sure to settle your baby.

Hope these help some of you! I would love to hear any new tips you could share with my readers.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cerebral Palsy Facts & Figures

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Cerebral Palsy Facts & Figures – An infographic by the Cerebral Palsy Solicitors at The Cerebral Palsy Site

Fisher Price Feeding Range

I love Fisher-Price products, so was really excited when we were given the chance to review their weaning range.  To be honest I didn't even know that Fisher-Price had a weaning range so was really looking forward to trying them out and seeing how Sophia got to grips with them.

We were sent the Soft Grip Spoons, Learn-to-Hold Spoons, Heat Sensitive Bowls & the Stack n Store Sippy Cups.

Both sets of spoons are great, the Soft Grip spoons are really nice for Sophia to hold making it very easy for her to feed herself, the designs are great, made in shapes of different fruit and veg, I also love how colourful they are, makes them much more appealing, Sophia likes looking at the design I always tell her what each one is.

The Learn to Hold Spoons took Sophia slightly longer to learn to use than the soft grips but she got used to them and now uses them everyday, I love these spoons as you can bend them into a suitable shape for your baby to hold.  I find these ones great for Sophia's desserts.

The Heat Sensitive Bowls are a great idea, when the food is too hot the bowls change colour, super handy and makes feeding time safe.  They then change colour again when the food has cooled down.  The bowls are nice and deep so you don't get all the food flying out over the edge! They are also really easy for Sophia to hold.

The Stack n Store Sippy Cups are so easy for Sophia to hold, we have started using them without the grip handles now.  She uses her cups every day for her water, they are the perfect size for weaning your baby and the great thing is they don't leak! My pet hate is leaky cups! These are great, again the colours are really nice and bright.  They really are easy to store too, just stacking them on top of each other means you use up less cupboard space, which is always handy especially if you have limited cupboard space.

The Fisher-Price Feeding Range is available exclusively from Boots.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Ice Bucket Challenge Video!

Here's my Ice Bucket Challenge video, who else has done theirs and donated to such an important cause?

Our Bank Holiday Weekend

I can't believe what a washout this weekend has been, I think our UK Summer is officially over.

This weekend has been quite a lazy one, with the rubbish weather I wasn't really motivated to do too much.  Saturday the girls and I stayed at my Dad's which the girls loved! We we're all well fed and watered!! My Dad makes the BEST Sunday roasts.

Monday was horrid weather, it has literally been raining all day, but I decided to venture out with Abigail and have some time with her on my own.  We headed to our local Squires garden center to meet up with one of her school friends.  Squires have been running weekly activities for children and today Abigail painted stones! Big pebble looking stones, they could create whatever design they liked, Abi went for the glitter bug look on hers,  For £3 this was a simple but creative idea and Abi loved it, I know what to do now to keep her entertained on a rainy day!

What have you been up to this bank holiday weekend?